started in 2003 as a blog dedicated to libertarian thoughts, ideas, and personal opinion on matters of the day. Yes, we had articles on topics like “Why are we spending millions looking for Saddam Hussein”, and “Thoughts about Condi Rice.” But with time, work got in the way.

Perhaps like most libertarians (please take note of the “small l” in there), activism comes in short bursts in between actual work. The blog was set aside as I searched (in my head) for Galt’s Gulch, and that was, well… that.

So I thought a it might be a goof time for a resurrection. I mean, Donald Trump, “Democratic” socialism, and AOC. Too much to talk about. And if you are one of the 3 people that read this blog back in the day, you know we have quite an interesting peroective on “Democratic” socialism.

So let’s go!

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